Internship Program at Aikrest Business Process Outsourcing

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Do you love marketing? Are you excited to kickstart your career in the dynamic fields of marketing and sales? Join us at Aikrest!

Our Marketing and Sales Associate Internship offers a fantastic opportunity for you. Explore into both worlds, gaining invaluable experience as you contribute to impactful projects with our team. Participate in diverse campaigns, conduct market research, and analyze data – becoming a key player in driving the success of our digital business.

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Technical Support and Development Intern

WordPress Development:

Support WordPress Web Development

Troubleshoot and resolve WordPress-related issues for clients.
Provide technical support for WordPress websites, resolving issues promptly.
Assist in website migrations and backups, ensuring data integrity.


Learn server management and hosting technologies, assisting in setup and optimization.

Monitor server performance and security, addressing potential issues proactively.

Manage domain registration, transfer, and DNS tasks, assisting clients with queries.

Learn about SaaS platforms, assisting in setup and customization.

Work on front-end and back-end web development projects collaboratively.



Program Objective for Internship

  • Empower Aspiring Freelancers & Students

    Give aspiring freelancers and students vital knowledge in digital marketing. This will empower them to thrive in the digital marketplace.

  • Develop Practical Skills.

    We will provide hands-on training in digital marketing. This includes SEO, content creation, and data analysis. This will give interns practical skills.

  • Real-World Experience

    Offer interns the chance to work on live projects. This lets them use their skills in a real setting. It gives them vital experience for their future careers.

  • Pathway to Freelance Opportunities

    Evaluate interns’ performance and skills. Recommend them for freelance opportunities in our network. This will help them transition from interns to freelance pros.

Internship Duration Options

Choose from three different internship durations to fit your schedule and career aspirations:

40 Hours: A short introduction to affiliate marketing for those with limited availability.
80 Hours: A balanced internship duration for most candidates aiming to become an Online Freelancer.
120 Hours: A more extensive internship for those seeking in-depth experience before venturing into freelancing.


Open to Aspiring Freelancers

  • Aspire to become online freelancers
  • Have no prior experience or clients in online freelancing


Open to Students Seeking for Internship Programs

  • Currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration or any related courses


  • Currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science, IT, or a related field.


  • Can provide a Memorandum of Agreement from the University and a Letter of Endorsement
  • Willing to work onsite in Imus, Cavite
  • Must have their laptop.

Internship Component


Interns will undergo an initial self-paced training program, which includes:

  • Introduction to affiliate marketing concepts and strategies.
  • Basics of SEO, keyword research, and content creation.

Hands-on Projects

Interns will work on real affiliate marketing projects gaining practical experience applicable to their future freelancing career or to any marketing & sales corporate jobs.


Interns will be evaluated based on their performance, commitment, and contributions to the projects.

Listing on Pre-Vetted Talent Pool

 Exceptional interns may receive recommendations for freelance opportunities.

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